Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Season Review (Update)

The Spartans had a tumultuous debut season. After sarting the season on a seven game unbeaten streak, the Spartans finishing with eight wins, ten ties and four losses. As far as accolades, the Spartans earned the dubious record of the most ties in a single season, and tied the single game scoring record during its week 21 thrashing of Alamo City.

As far as personnel, 23 players were listed on the 12 man roster at one point in the season. Several pieces of bad news affected the manager's selection. First, news that Luke Rodgers, one of the Spartan's initial roster picks, was denied a work visa set the team back as that spot could have been used for a regular season starter. Later, season ending injuries to Koevermans and Corradi (both ACL tears) deprived the Spartans of much needed goals and assists up front. In July, the club received news that Grazzini, one of the clubs most efficient point scorers, was retuning to his native Argentina and not extending his contract with MLS.

Not all news was bad, however. The club won bidding wars for Kenny Miller and Tim Cahill, and picked up several contributors on free transfers during the season. Tim Cahill scored three points in as many starts for the Spartans and it is expected that he will return next year as a designated player.

The Spartans lost the empire cup 6-7 on aggregate. The Spartans swept the season series against KC Quest, and was swept over two games by Alliance FC.

And now for the season end statistics:

Point Leaders:
13 - Zusi
10 - Sene
8 - Koevermans, Johnson
7 - Grazzini
5 - Corradi

Points per start Leaders:
Cahill - 3 in 3
Zusi - 13 in 20
Sene - 10 in 20
Koevermans - 8 in 17
Corradi - 5 in 11

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