Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spartans Unveil 2013 Kit

On Thursday, the Chairman released the 2013 kit. In typical Spartans style, the shirt has very little in common with the clubs colors. A throwback to Italy's World Cup kits from the 1970's, the shirt features a bright red "S" and the tricolor logo of BMW Motorsports, a performance tuning division of the clubs sponsor from last season.

The Chairman, recently spotted wearing the kit at 4AM last Saturday while leaving a well known New York nightclub, remarked "Well, I thought it was cool" before he jumped into his car with two unidentified young ladies.

The Spartan fanbase, while amused at the Chairman's antics, felt some dismay that the popular sky blue Spartans logo didn't make an appearance on the kit.


  1. Lost your jersey sponsor (a-la houston dynamo) I see. LOL

    I was going to use "Free Pork" as my new fake sponsor before I thought of "YES!" I don't know, just made me laugh more. peace.

  2. Retro. cool. using the red "S" instead of your crest is not something I've seen. Inspiration from other club your follow?

  3. Hassli, Blas Perez, or Felipe Martins for your 2nd ?

    - AC