Monday, February 13, 2012

On Monday, February 13, the new Chairman of Spartans 1612 announced that the club would enter the Bigtime Soccer League for the 2012 season. After an influx of capital from unnamed middle eastern investors, the club is prepared to compete among the best fantasy teams in the nation.

In prepared remarks, the new Chairman said "Building a program from scratch in this environment is a risky proposition. Thankfully we have the confidence of our investor group, our fans and our new coaching staff and plan to make a go of it in the BSL."

When asked about future signings, the Chairman played it coy, "As you know, the BLS draft is an unpredictable event. My coaching staff has its eyes on some promising talent and we will work hard to bring that talent into Spartans 1612."


  1. Let me know if anyone on my roster other than Sapong/Henry interests you. I'd be willing to make a deal ...

    Welcome to the league !

    - Alamo City

  2. Hey these are my starting values for my players if youre interested:

    Omar Cummings (2nd Rd)
    David Ferreira (2nd Rd)
    Fabian Espindola (3rd Rd)
    Juninho (4th Rd)
    Juan Agudelo (5th Rd)
    Justin Braun (5th Rd)
    Dan Kennedy (5th Rd)
    Sebastian Grazzini (6th Rd)

  3. I'll do Grazzini for 6. Tempted on Ferreira too.

  4. ill do ferreira and grazzini for 2 and 6

    1. Lets put Grazzini in the books. I have another trade pending, if that falls apart I'll come back to you on Ferreira.