Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today the Chairman announced the signing of two new players, Luke Rodgers from Borud Town and Sebastien Grazzini from Alliance FC. Rodgers and Grazzini were among the most productive players  in the league last season, averaging more than a point scored per 1.5 games played.

In a brief question and answer session, the Chairman said "Look, we've all been to the dance before. We had the opportunity to acquire these players in exchange for our 5th and 6th draft picks. My staff had them rated higher, so we moved quickly to sign them".

Some observers noted that it was a risky move to sign Rodgers at this time, given that he has had ongoing visa problems since joining the league in 2011. When asked about his visa problems, the Chairman said "We are confident enough that it will all come through okay".

The signing is also expected to stoke up rivalry talk between the Spartans and Gateway United, as Rodgers and Gateway star Landon Donovan held several heated exchanges last year. In an interview with reporters, Rodgers said “The kid’s a (*$%@#)head. I don’t care. I just think the kid’s a (friggin’ jerk)." 


  1. Any interest in a NY debry? City vs Upstate? I had one going with the previous NYC team, and was wondering if you wanted to renew it?

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    1. I keep forgetting there's a reply button to your comment, keep thinking it's the old setup.

      The old name was the Empire Cup, but if you prefer I-87 that's fine with me.

    2. Empire Cup works for me. Looking forward to it.