Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chairman Alleges Corruption in the BSL, Row with Rose CIty

The chairman today issued a statement regarding alleged corruption in the league concerning the recent transfer drama including Patrice Bernier, Jack McInerny and Camilo.

"With ultimate decision making coming from one conflicted party, with no appeals process or committees, the BSL is no better than some third world dictatorship", said the Chairman.

The Chairman's comments come after Patrice Bernier, who was on his way to the Spartan's training ground after a furious day of bidding, was told that he would instead be sent to Rose City as the league has accepted a lower and inferior bid based on a technicality.

"I really hate the rain, aye", said Bernier.

When asked if the Chairman would be interested in signing McInerny, the Chairman responded "The player is tainted in my opinion and he is not welcome among my squad."

The Chairman then went into a rage, and compared the situation to the transfer drama for Peter Odemwingie, the corrupt Qatari bid for the World Cup in 2022, starving children in Africa, the lack of any new U2 albums and when your oatmeal gets cold.

Sepp Blatter

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