Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Kick 2013, Week One Lineup

The Spartans kick off the 2013 season against Gateway United this weekend. Nothing has separated these two team in the past, as the all time record against Gateway is 0-0-2. The Spartans will look to lead the series in the 2013 opener.

All time scoring leader against Gateway United, Danny Koevermans (with two goals in 2012) will watch from the bench as he continues to recover from his season ending ACL tear last year.


  1. You made a good looking roster. If some of the questions marks pay off you'll be one to watch out for. No ties this weekend. alright? One of us wins this one. Preferably me.

  2. game roster logged

  3. Damn!! already down 4-0 after the SKC/PHI match.

  4. Zusi exploded... Too bad about Demerit, hopefully he isn't out of commission for too long.