Friday, February 26, 2016

Draft Day Recap - Competition Edition

Inspired by Alamo City's manager, the Chairman today released his own impressions of the recently completed BSL draft.

"We scratched our heads when Jordan Morris was picked in the second round. Here's a 21 year old kid fighting for a roster spot on a team that played with a lone striker before they signed Obafemi Martins. Risky move. Also, Frank Lampard in the fourth round? He's not fit to play 15 minutes, and may never be again!"

When asked which players he just missed, the Chairman replied, "We had our eyes on Masato Kudo - its a crowded front line in Vancouver, but he has the quality to make it happen. We also wanted Cubo Torres, he's a natural goalscorer and once he's match fit we think he's good for 10+ goals."

When asked about late round steals, the Chairman responded, "Dillon Powers in the 8th round, wow, we were a bunch of idiots for not picking him up sooner. Remind me to fire someone in the front office. Dillon has the ability to control an entire match, and with an improved supporting cast and a training stint with Reading this offseason, the sky is the limit. We also really liked Will Johnson in the twelfth round. Thats going to turn out to be a great move if he can stay healthy. Justin Mapp in Round 13 is also worth a special mention. This guy flies up the wing, can dribble like Messi with the speed of Dane Richards and can cross like a priest in a whorehouse. Remind me to fire someone else!"


  1. thanks for the mention regarding Mapp :)

  2. i also passed over on Lampard. I guess that means he'll score a hat trick against me.